Here is a list of the changes and new features in each version:


Version 1.3


  • Now VVV works with all newer Linux distributions. Order versions failed with some newer distributions  because they missed the requested libncurses library.
  • The Edit/Object Information menu shows the size of the selected folder (or volume), including all subfolders.
  • VVV remembers the physical path of a volume when it is cataloged, and it shows that path when the same volume is updated.
  • VVV stores, for each volume, the date when it was cataloged and the date when it was last updated. The dates are shown in the Object Information window. Dates are stored only after updating to version 1.3 so you will not see any date unless you update an existing catalog. Catalog date is only available for volumes cataloged after the update.
  • VVV uses more native icons under Linux and Windows.
  • The Bulgarian translation has been added.


Version 1.2


  • VVV has been translated to more languages.
  • VVV can now read metadata (author, title and so on) not only from mp3 files, but from almost any audio format. It should not crash anymore with some corrupted mp3 files.
  • Added a new file information dialog that shows all information about a file, included the list of all the virtual folders where it has been copied.
  • Audio metadata cataloging is now optional. Users can disable it.


Version 1.1


  • VVV has been translated to more languages.
  • It is now possible to expand all the subfolders of a selected folder with a single command.
  • It is now possible to add files and folders to a virtual folder from the search view.
  • It is now possible to choose the language that will be used by VVV.
  • Added more powerful search features (see help file).
  • Virtual view and search view: added a command to show the selected file or folder in the physical view.
  • It is now much simpler to build VVV from sources, especially the Linux version.


Version 1.0


  • VVV has been translated to the following languages: Croatian, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Polish and Spanish. 
  • It is now possible to update an already cataloged volume. Many people are using VVV to catalog removable hard-disks: it is useful to see the content of those disks even if they are off-line. With this new feature you can periodically rescan those disks to make sure that the catalog is up to date.
  • Command line options. The program can be started with command line options to make it portable and to automatically update a volume.


Version 0.9


  • Unicode support: now the program should be able to handle correctly filenames containing foreign characters. This will require a conversion of older catalogs: the conversion will happen automatically as soon a a catalog is opened.
  • Added support for localization. At the moment only an Italian version is available: translators are welcome.
  • Added the ability to backup and restore a catalog.
  • Added the ability to export data to a CSV file.
  • Changed the program's icons to avoid licensing problems with the Tango icons. It looks like the Creative Commons license is not compatible with the GPL. The current icons are distributed under the GPL.


Version 0.8


  • Added a help file.
  • Now it is possible to share the same catalog among the computers connected to a network server. More info in the help file.
  • Added a Tools/Options menu to handle program settings.
  • Now VVV can automatically reopen the last used catalog.
  • Now it is possible to show only some of the MP3 metadata stored in the catalog.
  • Now the programs' windows remember their position and size.
  • Redesigned the Catalog volume window.
  • Reorganized the Edit menu.
  • Now it is possible to press the F2 key to rename an object.
  • Now it is possible to delete one or more files from a virtual folder.
  • Now the program plays a beep sound at the end of long tasks.


Version 0.7


  • Now cataloging volumes under Windows is much faster. The Linux version was already fast.
  • Added a menu and a toolbar button to move up one folder.
  • Now, when cataloging volumes, the program stores also metadata for MP3 files (author, title and so on).
  • Now it is possible to add a description to files and folders in the physical view.
  • Added context menus to the right pane in the physical view. For example, it is possible to select many rows and add then to a virtual folder.
  • Now the program remembers the last folder selected in the "Add to virtual folder" dialog.


Version 0.6


  • Added the ability to store a description for each volume in the physical view.
  • Changed the program graphics to use the Tango icons.
  • Added the ability to search the catalog for files matching name and/or extension.
  • Now double-clicking a folder in the right pane will open it.
  • Now the status bar shows the number and the total size of the files in the right pane.


Version 0.5


First version.


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